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Ry-Co-Jazz Dem. Rep. Congo
'Rumba 'Round Africa' (RETRO10CD)  
Congo/Latin hits of the 1960s.

'Every track here is a killer. Don't miss this outstanding collection of original tunes that generations of West Africans danced to' Straight No Chaser

'All neat harmonies and ringing guitars...Ry-Co's rolling rumba tour was something of a triumph as these cuts amply illustrate' Q Magazine

'My re-issue album of the year,without a doubt' Charlie Gillett, GLR

'A glamorous sound that conquered a continent, and a terrific album' Andy Kershaw, Radio 1

Mambo, Pachanga, Cara Cara, Merengue, Twist through the Sixties, and Rumba'round Africa [RETRO10CD] with Ry-Co Jazz, the hot little combo which spread Congo music across the world. Ry-Co Jazz became pan-African heroes during the 1960s when they introduced their vital Congo/Latin rhythms to West Africa. The band was founded in Congo in 1958/59 and managed by Henri Bowane, the hit parade guitarist who first brought Franco into the recording studio. Original members Freddy N'Kounkou [vocal], M'bilia Casino [congas and vocal], and Panda Gracia [double bass], were soon joined by ace guitarist Jerry Malekani who stayed with the group until they ended their epic adventure in 1972. From 1967, with sax master Jean-Serge Essous on board, they spent four years in the French Antilles, leaving their influence on the pioneers of 'zouk' music. The RetroAfric release Rumba 'round Africa features 16 tracks of classic Congo hits and a cracking Rockabilly/ twist.
Ry-Co-Jazz 'Rumba 'Round Africa' (RETRO10CD)
  1. Bana Ry-Co (1.58)
  2. Mambo Ry-Co (3.56)
  3. Veronica (3.16)
  4. Caramba da ma Vida (3.47)
  5. Cunvana (2.47)
  6. Ry-Co Band (4.01)
  7. Mambe (3.23)
  8. Twist With The Doctuer (2.59)
  9. Gariophona (3.21)
  10. Give Me Bombolo (3.24)
  11. My Zaiantu (3.26)
  12. Baby Tehnical (3.06)
  13. Sapo Pepo (3.32)
  14. Tu Bois Beaucoup (3.53)
  15. Marie Jose (4.59)
  16. Si I Bon Di I Bon (5.03)



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